Monday, September 12, 2016

Architectural wonders

We, humans, love to categorize everything. There are grammar rules that do not help to learn a language because there are just as many exceptions. Food categories that do not always make sense, such as avocado is a fruit and eating with chocolate is a standard in cuisines around the world.

Art and architecture have been categorized to the minutia details as well. To what purpose? Mostly to label, learn, and find and undefinable creations like this one.

L’├ęglise Saint-Eustache is in the center of Paris and is easily passed by in preference for the Notre Dame and Sainte-Chapelle. Each one is magnificent and i will not attempt to make any comparisons.

What I find fascinating about Saint- Eustache is its chimeric looks.

The Renaissance portico and the colonnade on the left transitions into the Gothic flying buttresses and a rosette.  Follow inside and we have Corinthian columns and Baroque elements among the light seeking Gothic supports. 

Not just a joy for the eye, but a constant surprise and curiosity in itself.