Friday, August 18, 2017

The body

Artworks representing the body in its entirety or referencing its parts has always been drawing me in.

At the White Cube exhibition in London, Dreamers Alike, and international and multi generational cohort of artists are in the conversation about surrealism. Here is a glimpse on several artworks from the exhibition.

An Japanese American artist, whom I don't know well, Kelly Akashi, creates a suspension of ideas and forms with her torn of limbs that are resending from the high ceiling and almost drag on the floor
 The bronze flesh is hanging at the wrists of otherwise highly engaged fingers that interact with each other, hold contrasting shapes and are bound by the rope itself.

Kelly Akashi, Well(-)Hung

Another pleasant discovery was an acquaintance with Berlinde de Bryuckere.
Her interpretation of the body depicts the imperfect beauty of the corpse.
Stitches into parts and town through as it is attached the junky table acting as a pedestal the form is recognisably human as it also mimics the curve of a seal with its volume almost falling off the table.

Berlinde de Bryuckere, Animal

It was a joy to meet again Rachel Kneebone's ceramic cacophony of body pars that project out of the collage of flowery and serpentine forms. The piece interlaces the limbs of both genders in a confusing interlacing

Rachel Kneebone, Shield IV