Friday, September 29, 2017

If you are a fan of Bourgeois as much as I am, the visit to the MoMA exhibit An Unfolding Portrait is a must.
As any retrospective exhibit it is informative to see the connections between her earlier and later works and the circular themes we go through as artists. This exhibition is diverse in medium and covers a life-span of her works from drawings to sculptures.

This signature work of a spider, an important element in her life, also features the cell with remnants of tapestries and small, almost unnoticeable objects like keys inside. This large speciment is reflected on the wall with a smaller version.

This second spider seats high up on the wall of the atrium 
and ignores us as we shot at it with our photo lenses

Around the spider cell you will find the series of etchings from her later years. The one on the left plays with the masculine/feminine as one and yet still full of confrontational attitude. 

There are also artwork like this one that I would not have recognized to be by Bourgeois. The colors are hers but the theme and the style seem to be quite different.

From a series of unfinished work of etchings.

"Once a man was telling a story,
it was very good story too,
and it made him happy, but he
told is so fast, that nobody understood it."

Additionally dont miss the opportunity to explore online the huge collection of prints she has donated to the museum