Thursday, April 13, 2017

Robin Hill, Kevin Francis and Robert Therrien

During a recent Chelsea walk I have enjoyed these.
Robin Hill's bricks that camouflaged as sponges with the help of the waves from Nova Scotia created the visual confusion that is unanswered until you come right up to the installation.

 Robin Hill
Kevin Francis transformed the stone onto a subtle white clay. We can see how he has dragged his fingers to shape the lumps and smooth out imperfections. Only all this effect is actually an illusion and he carved the marble to a perfect deception.

 Kevin Francis
Robert Therrien piece or more accurately a room with the doors made me nostalgic of seeing an older hospital in a town of Italy some twenty years back. Even though this one is strike and has never had nor will it have people walk through the doors. His work leaves volumes for imagination. The absence here is what makes the work so strong.

Robert Therrien