Friday, May 5, 2017

Sophie Calle twice

Sophie Caller

Over the past month Sophie Calle has been on my mind a lot. I have stumbled upon her book "Double Game" that describes several projects, including the mise-en-abyme play with Paul Auster.
Last weekend Sophie Calle, in the steps of Marina Abramovich performance of Artist is Present, was greeting visitors at the Green Wood Cemetery. The visitors shared their secrets with the artist and entombed them in the obelisk, that is placed for the next 25 years on the hill with an amazing view.

View from the hill


Lay your secrets to rest here.

Later this week I have caught a glimpse of her other work at Frieze.

In this box she expresses her communication with her father past mortem. If you are not familiar with her work look up the "Address Book"

David Altmejd

Another artist that captured my attention at Frieze was David Altmejd. His work pulled me in with the mix of the materials and exploration of the familiar face while deforming it into a half mask and half upside down portrait. I wish I knew where did he take inspiration for his adventures