Sunday, June 18, 2017

Art fairs is this crazy attempt to dunk oneself into current  market scene by  I looking at the insane quantity  I and quality of art. Besides the horror of They fair it was pleasant to see the fair with a little less American flavor.

 Some pieces caught me. 
The first one are baby heads stuck into everyday objects as if they can decorate and add value to them. Yes, the feelings vacillate  between kitsch cuteness and seeing the inappropriateness of it.

This is sort if a life giving creation that grows from the little carcases of parakeets and other birds. The revival is eery and beautiful at the same time.

The whole art work is made of paper. All of it.  The moths. The bugs. The body. The pigment is created by burning it into the paper before converting it into not-flying insects.
The technique is unbelievable.