Monday, January 8, 2018

Julia Phillips and Christina Quarles at The Studio Museum in Harlem

If you didn't have a chance to see Fictions exhibitions at The Studio Museum in Harlem it is still open for couple more days. Representing emerging artists from all parts of the country it is as diverse thematically. My attention was caught by the painting of Christina Quarles "A Part of Apart". The dismembered bodies are intertwined and seemingly codependent on each other. The relationship is build within a multidimensional space that is broken by the detailed floral design. The variety of line adds to the visual confusion. So much to explore!

A Part Apart by Christina Quarles

On the upper floor is an exhibition by the resident artists. This print by Julia Phillips reminded me of several other pieces made with nylon. Stretched and modified almost to abstraction the material manifests almost like in an animalistic form. Yet the eye shifts back and forth to the recognizable part of the clothing typically worn by women. Playful and dark it is in my favorite category of push and pull.

Expanded by Julia Phillips